Developed in 1968 by DeBartolo Properties, Eastern Hills Mall is located in Williamsville, NY (Buffalo) and was one of Western New York’s first enclosed malls. Anchored by Sears, JC Penney's, Macy's and The Bonton, it had a total GLA of approximately 1,000,000 sf and, by the 1990's, began a steady decline in occupancy and tenant sales due to newer, larger, and better positioned competition in the trade area.

The Eastern Hills Trade area was and is composed of the better income neighborhoods of the eastern Buffalo MSA and is primarily composed of Williamsville and Clarence as well as surrounding suburban and rural townships to the north and east of the city. This provided a unique market area, with a primary (and growing) core of upper tier income households, merging into surrounding towns with above average incomes for the region, where a mall of convenience could be established, focusing on the social gathering and convenience shopping needs of the community.

Sold to MDC in 2002, the property had declined to approximately 60% in-line occupancy with in-line tenant sales well under $200 psf and a doubtful future image in the community. MDC immediately brought in the Promotion and Marketing Team to stabilize the property while renovation and repositioning plans were formulated. As with Eastfield, existing tenants were renewed on a short-term basis to preserve occupancy. A comprehensive plan for cost-effective, physical upgrades to the property was established and, based on this plan, leases exceeding 100,000 sf were signed with prominent national apparel and upscale sporting goods retailers including Dave & Buster’s for a 38,000 sf, state of the art entertainment and dining complex.

By year-end 2005, the Mall had reached 95% overall occupancy, 75% permanent occupancy, and in-line tenant sales averaging over $300 psf. Further leasing is ongoing with notable unique tenants such as the property’s 5th major anchor tenant: Sports Performance Park in 2009: 57,000 sf providing youth oriented indoor athletic sports training with a focus on baseball.

Occupancy in 2010 is holding steady at 98.7% with a unique mix of national, regional, and local tenants, supplemented by a very aggressive temporary leasing program consisting of RMU’s, Kiosk’s, and revenue producing marketing opportunities.