Taking the pulse of the local economy -
Chamber offers views on the recession

By Veronica Cintron
22 News wwlp.com
July 5, 2009
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Some 200 local business leaders took part in the annual meeting of the Affiliated Chambers of Commerce of Greater Springfield.

They gathered at the Springfield Marriott to highlight the group's successes this past year.

UMass Amherst graduate and founder of the popular job search site Monster.com delivered the keynote address.

Jeffrey Taylor said businesses need to regain confidence. "I think we've lost our swagger a little bit in the business community and we better get it back because we're going to have to create the new jobs for America," he said.

When it comes to the local economy, Eastfield Mall's General Manager said things are starting to look up. "We've had a lot more foot traffic and we're writing a lot of leases which means the business entrepreneurs are feeling good about this now," said Arlene Putnam.

Chamber President Russell Denver told 22News, it helps that the recession didn't hit western Massachusetts as hard as other parts of the country.

He says the Bay State should start bouncing back during the first quarter of 2010. "Massachusetts is one of the last states to enter a recession and is also one of the last ones to leave the recession," Denver said.

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