Originally formed to manage, lease, and reposition MDC's owned portfolio of "value added" regional shopping centers and smaller retail properties, MDC Retail Properties Group now accepts fee assignments for non-owned properties. Specializing in enclosed malls, whether distressed, or Unique in the industry, MDC Retail Properties Group is staffed with seasoned, "in house" professionals who offer the full spectrum of real estate disciplines to manage, lease, promote, finance and reposition regional shopping centers throughout the United States including:

  • Management by a staff with credentials including experience with some of the most aggressive and prominent national developers and mall owners.
  • Accounting utilizing the MRI Property Accounting System endorsed by virtually every lender and institutional financial partner.
  • Leasing: Retail, Entertainment, Food and Service with a track record of solid performance even in challenging and competitive situations.
  • Specialty Leasing by onsite staff via an incentive program to provide growth opportunities for smaller local and regional retailers, business incubators and an overall festive retail environment.
  • Marketing and Promotion team with innovative and creative solutions for generating foot traffic before, during, and after property stabilization.
  • Construction Management capability with experience in a variety of common area upgrades and store construction. MDC's portfolio of retail construction projects includes many of the most prestigious retailers.
  • Investment Consulting and placement to arrive at the optimal financial structure for each property.

MDC Retail Property Group's unique approach involves the creation of a site specific Business model, Unique Business plan and repositioning program custom-tailored to each situation:

  • In locations where the physical asset is contemporary and functional, the program may include intensive promotion and marketing designed to reacquaint the trade area with the center and support increased traffic and sales volume together with an aggressive leasing campaign.
  • In other situations where the asset requires cosmetic and/or total redesign and reconstruction, promotional and marketing efforts may serve to stabilize the asset while plans are formulated and physical upgrades implemented prior to actively leasing any vacant or underperforming space.
  • In the case of a stable, functional asset, the opportunity still exists to improve property performance by increasing awareness, foot traffic, and performance of the retail tenants.

Seldom understood by major 3rd party brokers until it’s too late, a Mall, unlike other types of retail real estate is an operating business and a business community with diverse challenges similar to Central Business Districts such as: security issues, mounting varied, unique, and frequent promotions, store relocation, expansion or contraction, developing and, redeveloping permanent and temporary leasing programs. MDC Retail Properties Group has not only the experience and resources to manage and implement the various business aspects of a mall but also has the relationships and track record with prominent financial institutions to prudently capitalize these ventures.

More importantly, MDC’s unique perspective is that each mall is truly the anchor of an established retail corridor serving a defined market of households. Many older malls don’t fit the one size fits all management style employed by many larger REIT’s or Third Party ventures. Hence many lose touch and appeal with the local market and quickly deteriorate. Repositioning each mall as “The Downtown”, especially in suburban markets where no defined central business district exists, is tantamount to the successful “regrafting” of the facility to the community. This process is a highly integrated intensive process focusing primarily on leasing and marketing, but also involving security, operations etc. in a very comprehensive intensively managed and quickly paced process. Instead of a “Top Down” process…the MDC model is driven at the property level by seasoned pros.